At Strata Life we strive to take the pressure of the day to day running of a strata scheme off of the shoulders of the committee members and owners. Whilst the nature of strata itself does mean that the owners/ committee are responsible for the decisions, the pressure is reduced by having a proactive manager provide guidance with a plain sense approach and quickly actioning issues as they arise.

We appreciate Committee members often have full time jobs and busy lives. Add to this that the strata scheme is often your home where Committee members do not want to have to police other residents.

Our aim is to minimise the work and time where we can, take on the role of reminding owners and residents of the by-laws so that everyone can peacefully enjoy community living.

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What sets us apart

  • The Strata Life approach to management is that your property is not just bricks and mortar. It is a home, a community, a major investment or even your place of business.
  • Our team has extensive experience with properties on the Upper North Shore, Hornsby and the Northern Beaches areas, with excellent local contractors and superior local knowledge.
  • We ensure our managers run portfolios significantly smaller than the industry standard allowing the ability to respond and action items quickly and proactively manage your scheme. We are committed to regular site visits, providing guidance on reducing costs where possible and quickly and effectively manage any disputes amongst residents to avoid unnecessary escalation.
  • Our team consists of hard-working, highly experienced Strata professionals. Our Stata Managers each have in excess of 10 years in the industry
  • We are large enough to ensure we have effective systems in place to ensure your property is compliant in an increasingly more complex litigious world, yet small enough to be able to manage each property according to their individual needs rather than a blanket one size fits all approach.
  • Each Portfolio manager has the back up of a dedicated Strata Assistant who is actively involved in running the properties and is available as a second point of contact for clients. Further to this the Licensee in Charge is familiar with all properties managed and is available for additional support and coverage especially complex situations or attend intricate meetings.
  • We place an emphasis on training, investment in technology and keeping abreast of the regular changes in the industry. Our company is a corporate member of the Strata Community Association (NSW) which is the peak body for the strata sector in New South Wales.

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