Strata Annual Reporting – Commences on 30 June 2022

Strata Reporting

Strata Annual Reporting – Commences 30 June 2022 NSW Government is in the process of developing a digital hub to “revolutionise strata management”. The Strata Hub will be a central point of information on NSW’s 82,000 strata schemes. Information held on the Strata Hub will increase transparency and access to information for Strata Schemes. Purchasers […]

Pets in Strata – Yes or No?

Pets in Strata

Pets in Strata – Yes or No? The question “should a Strata Scheme allow animals” is one of the more divisive topics among committees and owners. We have seen interesting case law regarding pets in the past few years which created uncertainty in the industry and tribunal. To clear this up, on 25th August 2021, […]

Strata Life – Striving for a more professional Strata Sector

SCA Professional Standards Scheme - Strata Life

Strata Life – Striving for a more professional Strata Sector. As a member of Strata Community Association (SCA NSW) the foremost professional body in the Strata Industry, Strata Life are proud to advise that the NSW Government under the Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, Kevin Anderson, and the Professional Standards Council of NSW have […]

Common Property Electricity – The good, the bad and the ugly of a strata energy tender

Common Property Electricity – The good, the bad and the ugly of a strata energy tender We have recently completed a bulk energy tender for many of our small clients. A bulk energy tender forms a buying group using all of the common property electricity and gas accounts. The buying group creates economies of scale […]

Brush Turkeys in Strata – July/August nest building season

Confident Brush Turkey in strata

Brush Turkeys in Strata – July/August nest building season. The Australian Brush Turkey, often called Scrub Turkey or Bush Turkey, is a common widespread species and can be considered a pest by garden owners and strata residents. This is particularly so when the males start building their mounds, usually around July/August! They are found all […]

Understanding and improving water usage in strata buildings

water usage strata buildings

It is likely your unit or townhouse does not have an individual water meter as most apartment buildings in NSW have only one main meter. This is due to it not being a requirement for new developments until 2014. Monitoring usage in strata buildings For those buildings with only one master water meter, costs are […]

Electricity meters in strata buildings

electricity meters strata buildings

Strata schemes and electricity issues. The electrical meter room in a strata building are usually on common property but individual units meters are now supplied and owned by the Electricity provider, for example, AGL, Origin Energy. Changes to electricity supply meters in strata buildings The ‘Power of Choice’ is government implemented electricity industry-wide reforms set […]

How to resolve noise problems in a strata building

resolve noise problems strata buildings

Noise and strata. Do you have problems with noise in a residential strata scheme? Noise is a concern for many people in strata buildings and community associations and is one of the most common complaints when people are living in close proximity. Time restrictions regarding noise in strata Time restrictions on residential activities are determined […]

Useful strata scheme information websites

Acts & Regulations Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 Interpretations Act 1987 Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 Strata By-laws 2016 Schedule 3 Residential by-laws By-laws for strata schemes registered Pre 1996 By-laws for schemes registered after 1st […]