2023’s Electricity Agreements: Maximizing Benefits from Bulk Energy Tenders amidst Escalating Energy Prices

2023’s Electricity Agreements: Maximizing Benefits from Bulk Energy Tenders amidst Escalating Energy Prices 2023 Energy Price Increases In recent years, the surge in energy prices globally and particularly in Australia has been unmistakable. The culmination of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unfolding crisis in Ukraine has greatly exacerbated the situation. Coupled with local dynamics since […]

Strata Annual Reporting – Commences on 30 June 2022

strata annual reporting

Blog post updated on 5/12/2022 Strata Annual Reporting – Commences 30 June 2022 NSW Government is in the process of developing a digital hub to “revolutionise strata management”. The Strata Hub will be a central point of information on NSW’s 82,000 strata schemes. Information held on the Strata Hub will increase transparency and access to […]

Keeping Pets in Strata Properties – Yes or No?

pets in strata

Pets in Strata – Yes or No? The question “should a Strata Scheme allow animals” is one of the more divisive topics among committees and owners. We have seen interesting case law regarding pets in the past few years which created uncertainty in the industry and tribunal. To clear this up, on 25th August 2021, […]

Strata Life – Striving for a more professional Strata Sector

SCA Professional Standards Scheme - Strata Life

Strata Life – Striving for a more professional Strata Sector. As a member of Strata Community Association (SCA NSW) the foremost professional body in the Strata Industry, Strata Life are proud to advise that the NSW Government under the Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, Kevin Anderson, and the Professional Standards Council of NSW have […]

Strata Life COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

coronavirus update

Mask Wearing Required in the Common Property From Tuesday 13 July 2021 you must wear a fitted face mask when you are in an indoor area of common property in a residential building that is: strata titled community titled or company titled. You do not need to wear a mask inside your own apartment. Common […]

A Northern Beaches strata company with a focused and personalised approach to strata management

strata management northern beaches

Welcome to Strata Life, an exciting Northern Beaches strata company with decades of experience and offering tailored strata management services personalised to each client’s unique requirements. The team at Strata Life are excited to announce the opening of our new Northern Beaches strata management office in Freshwater, near Manly. The increasing number of Northern Beaches […]

Understanding and improving water usage in strata buildings

water usage strata buildings

It is likely your unit or townhouse does not have an individual water meter as most apartment buildings in NSW have only one main meter. This is due to it not being a requirement for new developments until 2014. Monitoring usage in strata buildings For those buildings with only one master water meter, costs are […]

How to resolve noise problems in a strata building

resolve noise problems strata buildings

Noise and strata. Do you have problems with noise in a residential strata scheme? Noise is a concern for many people in strata buildings and community associations and is one of the most common complaints when people are living in close proximity. Time restrictions regarding noise in strata Time restrictions on residential activities are determined […]

Water restrictions in strata buildings

water restrictions in strata buildings

Information about NSW level 2 water restrictions on strata buildings. Water restrictions commencing December 2019. Level two water restrictions which will apply to residents living in the Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains and Illawarra Regions will be enforced from 10th December 2019. This has been triggered by the expectation that dam levels around Sydney and Illawarra […]

Strata window lock laws

strata window lock laws

The ‘Kids Don’t Fly’ safety campaign, an initiative of Kids Health, the Child Health Promotion Unit at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead states that approximately 50 children per year fall from windows or balconies in Australia. Unfortunately, this results with many children being seriously injured and sometimes even resulting in death. In 2010 across NSW, 34 […]