Understanding and Improving Water Usage in Strata

It is likely your unit or townhouse does not have an individual water meter as most apartment buildings in NSW have only one main meter. This is due to it not being a requirement for new developments until 2014. For those buildings with only one master water meter, costs are incurred as follows: Each owner […]

Strata Life COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

coronavirus update

Business as Usual Strata Life is closely monitoring events as they unfold with regards to the COVID-19 Virus and we wanted to reassure our clients that at present it is business as usual regarding the management of your property. Following the latest advice however the following measures have been put in place: Should the need […]

Noise issues in strata

Do you have issues with Noise in Residential Strata Schemes? Noise is a concern for many people in Strata Schemes and Community Associations and is one of the most common complaints when people are living in close proximity. Time restrictions on residential activities are determined by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and they work in […]

Level 2 Water Restrictions

NSW WATER LEVEL 2 RESTRICTIONS COMMENCING DECEMBER, 2019 Level two water restrictions which will apply to residents living in the Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains and Illawarra Regions will be enforced from 10th December 2019. This has been triggered by the expectation that dam levels around Sydney and Illawarra will drop to 45 percent in the […]

Strata window lock laws

strata window lock laws

The ‘Kids Don’t Fly’ safety campaign, an initiative of Kids Health, the Child Health Promotion Unit at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead states that approximately 50 children per year fall from windows or balconies in Australia. Unfortunately, this results with many children being seriously injured and sometimes even resulting in death. In 2010 across NSW, 34 […]

What are the new strata by laws?

new strata by laws

Changes to strata by-Laws in NSW. In November 2016 changes to the Strata Management Act and the Strata Management Regulations introduced new model by-laws that can be used for new strata schemes or adopted by an Owners Corporation. These changes also included a requirement that any strata plans registered prior to the commencement of the […]